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sometimes i think about the people i went to highschool with. well,… - Spastically yours... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 2nd, 2004|04:54 pm]
sometimes i think about the people i went to highschool with.

well, not exactly.

i actually sorta wonder if they ever think about me.

if they think, "hey i wonder what the fuck Tory ever got up to?"... i kinda like that concept. the idea that they don't know a god damn thing about my life and even if i'm still alive at all. heck maybe they don't even remember me. i sure as hell don't remember everyone from 10 years ago. i guess thats why people so desperately need highschool reunions... they want to let the other know that they are still alive or making it big, sorta brag a bit.

That... yeah thats obvious... but they also, and i think this part is key, NEED to find out juist how badly everyone else has done compared to them. who had a kid right out of highschool and never got out of that small town... who was forced to drop out of college due to substance abuse... who spent the 2 years in jail for a BnE and is on a work release program with a halfway house.. which lucky bastards didn't make it because the bungie cord snapped or the bus didn't stop in time...

they want to see the failures.

it's the reality show syndrome all over again. the slowdown and stare as they creep by a car crash scene. they need to justify their own lives by highlighting and rehashing the misfortune of others. why does our society embrace this? its not about the winners and i'm not sure it ever was. even if you place the truth directly infront of them, they will continue to deny it.

yes. nothing changes. most people want to see the carnage. they desire it.


at least i hope to give them a good show.